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About Ambu

Ambu, the company that bought you the very first manual resuscitator in 1956, is a Danish company that develops, produces and markets diagnostic and life-supporting equipment and solutions to hospitals and rescue services across the world. Our five business areas are: Respiratory Care, Cardiology, Neurology, Training and Immobilization.

We understand that when it comes to sourcing medical devices you need a product that offers real cost savings without compromising on quality or reliability. We bear these factors in mind when designing our products (always in close cooperation with the medical community) so that we can offer you highly functional products that meet and often exceed patient safety regulations, are cost competitive and offer you real value for money. We are genuinely passionate about all our products and the people they are intended to be used on.

Business Areas

Ambu develops, produces and markets disposable professional, diagnostic, life supporting and life saving equipment to hospitals and rescue services.

Our business areas are:

Respiratory Care

This product line includes Resuscitators, Face Masks, PEEP Valves and the unique, cost effective Ambu Laryngeal Mask's. All of these products facilitate safe, effective and remarkably uncomplicated airway management. The guiding principle behind these life-saving solutions is their intuitively simple designs so that every product functions optimally. Because many of our products are fully disposable, the risk of cross contamination and re-assembly are eliminated, giving total peace of mind as well as the best possible patient care.


Recognized as the ultimate cardiac diagnostic ECG sensors available, Ambu® Blue Sensor® disposable electrodes continuously exceed expectations in every application. Products such as SUPAtab have revolutionized the way in which 12 lead ECG is recorded, and established favourites such as the hypoallergenic VLC continue to live up to the increasing demands of today’s diagnostic tests. Also available are Ambu White Sensor electrodes - the ultimate cost-saving, basic monitoring electrode.


Ambu designs, develops and manufactures single-use electrodes for diagnosis of diseases in nerves, muscles and the brain. All our Ambu Neuroline electrodes have been designed in close co-operation with physicians and technicians so that we can provide our customers with the optimal electrode solution.


Ambu’s disposable immobilisation product range has been designed to promote faster, easier and more accurate fitting. The best selling Perfit and Mini Perfit ACE One-Piece Extrication Collars offer an amazing 28 sizes between them, making them the perfect fit for neutral alignment.


As one of the world's leading manufacturers of training devices, Ambu provides a full range of hygienic training manikins for teaching and practicing Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). Our unique hygienic system ensures our trainers are both easy and economical to maintain, whilst significantly reducing the risk of cross contamination from one trainee to the next.